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Gatineau Nordique Sport stone grinding and ski testing open for business!
By:  Gatineau Nordique Sport   (2008/12/08)


Gatineau Nordique Sport (www.gatineaunordiquesport.com ) is officially open for business! This is exciting news in that skiers of the Ottawa-Gatineau area will, for the first time have access to world class stone grinding, heat box and ski testing services based right here in Chelsea. The Tazzari RP-23 machine is officially up and running with a wide selection of proven grinds developed by Zach Caldwell of the well known Caldwell Sport Specialties based in Squamish, B.C. Further information about GNS and its services is available at www.gatineaunordiquesport.com

People who would like to have their skis tested, ground or put in the heat box can drop them off during regular business hours at Fresh Air Experience or Greg Christie's Ski and Cycle Works. The skis will be picked up by Gatineau Nordique Sport on Mondays and Thursdays. Skis dropped off by customers early on Monday morning should be available for pick up at the stores on Friday. Skis dropped off later than Monday (Monday PM to Sunday) will be available on the Friday of the following week.

Zach Caldwell showing owner Wayne Johansonn, Seppo and Phil the finer points of the new grinder.

Camber Flex testing setup in action.

A heat box just waiting for ~100 pairs of skis.

Lots of room on the racks for your skis!

Wayne's maiden grind on the new machine.

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