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Last Call!
By:  Nakkertok Masters   (2008/11/26)

Masters, come ski with us at Nakkertok! We have room for just a few more skiers in our on snow Masters programs.

Why ski with Nakkertok?
∑ † † † Our professional and engaging coaches: Natalya Kuziak and Christa Ramonat
∑ † † † Practices that are fun and fast-paced
∑ † † † Programs tailored to masters skiers
∑ † † † Expertly groomed, lighted trails for night skiing
∑ † † † On-site clubhouse for socializing, warming up, and video review
∑ † † † Heated waxing facilities

And, a terrific group of people to ski with!

Our coaches
Popular community coaches for years, Natalya Kuziak and Christa Ramonat are skilled and talented in the delivery of fitness and ski training specific to masters skiers. Nakkertok is delighted to be associated with them.

Our programs
Mid-December to mid-March for minimum of either 26 coached sessions or 39 coached sessions.

One weeknight (classic Tuesdays or skate Thursday) and the distance ski workout on Sundays. Cost: $112 plus $100 membership*
Minimum 26 sessions: $212.00 / 26 sessions = $8.15 a session, or about $4.00 an hour.

Two weeknights (skate and classic), a training program of your choice, and the distance ski workout on Sundays.
Cost: $170 plus $100 membership*
Minimum 39 sessions: $270.00 / 39 sessions = $7.00 a session or about $3.50 an hour.

*Additional costs when you register: A recreational membership to your provincial ski organization (CCO $7, SFQ $12), a small transaction fee charged by your credit card. Thatís it.

Our practices
In each practice, the coaches provide us with both a technique workshop and a great workout.
Tuesday: Classic, under lights at Nakkertok South
Thursday: Skate, under lights at Nakkertok South
Sunday: Long distance training in Gatineau Park

For more information: http://english.nakkertok.ca/masters
For further questions: masters@nakkertok.ca
Or call me to chat: Linda at 613-270-0235
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