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New Country, New School, Similar Training
By:  Danielle McVicar   (2008/09/09)


If some of you have noticed I left the country and headed for the big US of A. I am currently at the University of New Hampshire (division 1 school) studying Economics. I have been here for about a week going to class and training with my new team.

First off I get a lot of looks for saying 'eh?' and 'washroom' not to mention 'one-skate' and 'two-skate' � (they call it V2 and V1..I still don't understand which one is which). Let me start off by saying this is a great place to train with nicely paved roads right from campus to a state-of-the-art gym with our very own athletic trainer. With almost fifteen other female skiers it�s certainly not hard to find a training partner.

Here is my training from the past few days of team training:

AM: 45min weight workout (mainly testing right now)
PM: 45min run and 15min core
1hr game of speedball with the alpine team (a combination of soccer, handball and football)

AM: 20min warm-up run
2x 8 min thresholds up a hill
7x 1 min intervals
15min Combination of plyos and sprints

AM: 4hour long classis ski

As you can see the training down here if very similar to the training with XC Ottawa, there is just one thing I am missing from home - Tuesday night tire intervals...

Next weekend the whole team is going to work at a Nascar Race. It's a fundraising event where we will make french fries and park cars and make $8000 for the team. Oh, the and next time they make fun of "washroom" and "one-skate" I'll give them a bad time about calling a ski race a "carnival." I'll keep you posted on training and racing south of the border....

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