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Photos from Canadian Ski Nationals II
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2008/03/23)


Freestyle Sprints

Lots of Sprint spectators.

Chandra was smiling despite crashing out of the sprint final. Better now than in 2010.

Chandra was sitting comfortably in 2nd behind Kikkan Randall, Sara Renner 3rd and Perrianne Jones 4th.

But Chandra caught a tip and it was game over. Look at all those accident gawkers.

Sara Renner doing a shoulder check as she heads into the final straight.

Kikkan Randall (USA) had an easy time of it after that. Sara Renner 2nd, Lindsay Williams (USA) 3rd, Perianne 4th.

Chandra, Sara, Laura Vallaas in a semi-final heat.

Sprint winner, Kikkan Randall.

Kikkan, looking strong.

Kikkan leading a USA teammate in semifinal.

Ottawa's Perianne Jones, 4th overall.

Perianne chasing the veteran Sara Renner in the final.

Perianne Jones having a great season.

Sara Renner.

Men's semi final.

Jeff Ellis in blue, Sweden in white.

Devon Kershaw and Torin Koos in the quarter final.

Men's B final.

Men's finals...Johnsonn, Lind, Kershaw.

Men's finals...home stretch.

Devon Kershaw and the Swedes in the men's final.

Sweden's Emil Johnsonn, sprint champion.

Sweden getting familiar with Whistler Nordic Centre.

Alana #318 leading Danielle McVicar #323 and Zoe in her Carleton suit #328.

Zoe in Carleton get up for the sprints.

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