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21. Editorial: Season of David - Part XIII... David Zylberberg (2003/07/22)
I liked racing Cross-Country Running in High School. I don't do many cross country races any more so I was hoping to do one this summer.
22. Editorial: Season of David - Part XXVI... David Zylberberg (2003/10/21)
I like to watch professional football and I remember hearing it said that no player goes through the season without some niggling injuries. In skiing the problem is less severe but still seemed like a good topic for this week.
23. Editorial: Season of David - Part XXIII... David Zylberberg (2003/09/30)
I sometimes wonder how it is that I ended up on the path that led me to basically devote my life to skiing fast. I then think back to when I started and why I cared. I realise that I was inspired by the nature of sport.
24. Editorial: Season of David - Part XVII... David Zylberberg (2003/08/20)
This Monday the Sudbury Star (circulation ~60, 000) is running an article that takes up 1/3 of the front page of the sports section on what motivates David Zylberberg and how he approaches sport.
25. Editorial: Season of David - Part VI... David Zylberberg (2003/06/03)
The beginning of June is the most common time in the year for skiers to begin rollerskiing. Since I have merely been training fairly hard and haven't done anything worth writing about, I thought it would be a good time to give my thoughts and suggestions for rollerskiing.
26. XC News: Our venture into "La Capitale Nationale"... Chris Mamen (2003/01/31)
For the past 11 days, you may have noticed an absence of the blue, white and black XC Ottawa suits in the area. Some would guess we were casually sipping hot cocoa in front of a hot fire while plotting to take over the world.
27. Editorial: Season of David - Part XV... David Zylberberg (2003/08/05)
Summer is approaching its end. Summer is generally a time for high volume, low intensity training and a lot of it. A lot of improvements can be made with this type of training but it has its limitations.
28. XC Local: 2002 Fall Rhapsody Race Summary... Edward McCarthy (2002/10/06)
October has come, and with it the changing colours of fall in the Gatineau Park. Local tourism is booming as people come to the Park to enjoy the colours of fall, using the many scenic driving routes and chairlift rides to accomplish their yearly commune with nature. Some, however, prefer to enjoy nature more directly, and for this dedicated and slightly imbalanced crowd there are plenty of diversions, foremost among them the annual Fall Rhapsody Mountain Run.
29. Editorial: Season of David - Part XVIII... David Zylberberg (2003/08/27)
Earlier this summer, the Ottawa-Gatineau NADC, of which I am a member, organized two week-long training camps in Eastern Canada. I was not able to attend due to my employer being unwilling to give me the weeks off work.
30. Editorial: Old School Racing... David Zylberberg (2005/03/13)
It seems a lot has changed in our sport in the last few years and these trends have been particularly evident in the last few weeks.

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