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121. Contest: 2015 First Snowfall Contest Updates and Entries... Team XC Ottawa (2015/11/01)
The contest is underway! See what date your friends predicted and track the winner.
122. Sheila's Nutrition Digest: Sheila's Nutrition Digest Vol. 2 - Eat in Colours... Sheila Kealey (2004/12/10)
Athletes know that food fuels physical activity. The consequences of not eating enough can be quite dramatic, so we learn quickly to pack that extra energy bar �just in case.� But the benefits of the foods we eat go far beyond their ability to fuel o
123. Gatineau Loppet: 2008 Gatineau Loppet Reports: Lofty goals of mere survival.... Alicia Berthiaume (2008/02/24)
Steve and I acquitted ourselves well this year in the 53km skate event. Our lofty goals of mere survival were realized without injury, with the added bonus that we both finished in the top 10 of the women's category.
124. Current Events: Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 2012- Smooth Sailing for Team XC Ottawa... Andre Marchand (2012/06/23)
The expression No news is good news seems to suit this years XC Ottawa RCLT ride. No rain, no punctures, no crashes, no sun burns, no separating of the pack, no bonking... I dont think it gets much better than this!
125. Photos and Videos: Nordic Skiing Training Secrets for High-Performance Sports DVD... xczone.tv (2007/08/22)
XCZONE.TV is in the final stages of post-production for our latest fitness DVD product, two years in the making and scheduled for release early fall 2007.
126. Sheila's Nutrition Digest: Sheila's Nutrition Digest Vol. 1 - Refueling for Recovery... Sheila Kealey (2004/11/06)
Most athletes realize that proper recovery is critical to athletic success: rest allows your body's systems to adapt to the stresses of training and hopefully make you stronger and faster. Many athletes are not as aware, however, that . . .
127. XC Local: Year 1 - Success!... Tom McCarthy (2002/04/01)
First and foremost, a big thanks go out to all those who helped and encouraged us through the year, with huge respect and thanks to our coaches, Pavol Skvaridlo and John Langstone. Their patience and help were irreplaceable and they guided us to our terrific season. Thanks to other coaches who worked with us throughout the year: Greg Mark, Amy Mark, Don Moxley and Patti Kitler. Thanks also to a strong program supporter, Gail Blake at Carleton, and to Basil Phillips for the massage therapy help.
128. Athlete Diary: Western NORAM ... Matthias Purdon (2011/12/22)
It is Christmas eve-day here in rainy Vancouver where I am visiting family for the holiday after three weeks on the road skiing and ski racing in British Columbia. Here is a recap of what I have been up to so far!
129. Race Report: Official Karhu-XCOttawa Time Trial Results... Team XCOttawa.ca (2006/01/17)
These official results have several corrections that have been made after consulting with the timing datasheets. Thank you all for your input, and thanks for coming out!!
130. Current Events: Vancouver 2010: Callaghan Valley Nordic Centre Update... Team XCOttawa.ca (2005/04/04)
The following is a list of short articles providing some recent information on the development of the Vancouver 2010 nordic facilities.

137 Results. Pages: « < 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [13] 14 >

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