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41. Race Report: Greg's Chelsea Nordiq Sprints: Jan20th, 2004... Craig Storey (2004/01/20)
Chelsea Nordiq has done a wonderful job of moving their very successful sprints of last winter from the Dunderossa Golf Course to the Chalet des Erables and Camp Fortune.
42. Editorial: Ski Moms - The Coach Went South...... Kaari Turk (2003/10/05)
It is very common for the best talented coaches of young athletes to seek fame and fortune by crossing the border to our southern neighbour.
43. Current Events: XC Ottawa rides the 2011 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour... Andre Marchand (2011/06/17)
A look at XC Ottawa's 2011 Rideau Lakes outing. Bottom line, there's no better way than this to get from Ottawa to Kingston!
44. XC Local: Chandra Crawford @ Fresh Air Pictures... Team XCOttawa (2006/07/03)
Chandra was on hand at Fresh Air this weekend to meet the next generation of XC Skiers. If you have a photo to share, send it along.
45. XC News: 2004 Foret Montmorency Training Camp Report... Team XCOttawa.ca (2004/10/15)
We're back from the annual pilgrimage to early season skiing in the Foret Montmorency, the wondrous place we have dubbed "Silver Star East". Our pre-race season training camp lasted for Nov. 10-14th and was our first solid chunk of skiing for the year.
46. XC News: Our venture into "La Capitale Nationale"... Chris Mamen (2003/01/31)
For the past 11 days, you may have noticed an absence of the blue, white and black XC Ottawa suits in the area. Some would guess we were casually sipping hot cocoa in front of a hot fire while plotting to take over the world.
47. Editorial: Ski Moms & Keski Dads... Team XCOttawa.ca (2005/02/26)
Canadian skiers are largely funded by the Bank of Mom and Dad. So we thought it only fitting to give them a chance to reflect on what its like to have a skier in the family.
48. Race Report: XCOttawa Skiers win 2006 Canadian Rollerski Championships!... Team XCOttawa (2006/10/04)
Over the weekend Sheila Kealey and Craig Storey both captured Canadian Rollerski Championship titles in the inaugural event.
49. Training: Legends of the Fall: Magnussen, Mieto, Jernberg, Svan and Dezolt... Karl Saidla (2002/09/01)
I guess that my luck lately is not going to inspire me to pop over to the Hull Casino in the hopes of turning the 20 dollars in my wallet into a couple of grand. On Thursday, I became the first XC Ottawa member to injure him/herself on a scooter. An unsighted pothole landed me first on my rear on some rather abrasive pavement, and then in the local emergency room. The next day, while driving around town trying to find a special sling, my normally trustworthy 88 Toyota decided to go off like a Howitzer in the middle of Queen Elizabeth Drive.
50. Gatineau Park: The bets are in...let the snow fly!... Kyla Vanderzwet (2013/10/30)
Entries for the first snowfall contest are all in - see where your guess fits in!

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